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Patios and Paths - cleaning them effectively

Posted by Steve Turner on Wed, Aug 07, 2013 @ 08:54 AM

Sprucing up a patio or pathway

The recent good weather has been a joy – but time spent outdoors brings to our attention jobs that need doing! Patio’s and pathways are often areas that get neglected, amidst a host of over-due gardening jobs. Yet, a quick blitz can make all the difference. 

Fila deterdek cleanerFila Deterdek is really effective for cleaning outdoor surfaces.  It’s a safe, fumeless ‘all-in-one’ descaling detergent that gives an exceptional deep clean without causing damage or altering appearance in anyway.  It removes ground-in dirt, grout residues, lime deposits, saline efflorescence – and even rust stains.  Unlike many traditional descalers, it’s also free from muriatic acid, so it doesn’t erode aluminium or steel - or present a hazard to you or the environment.

Fila Deterdek can be used on terracotta, quarry tiles and acid-resistant natural stone – both indoors and outside. You apply it with a cloth or brush and then leave it for five minutes to work its magic. Then, work across the surface to ensure all dirt and residues are lifted, before rinsing with clean water. Deterdek can also be used on porcelain and ceramics too!

For more information on cleaning from Fila, the world's leading stone care company, click below:

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