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Pierre de Bourgogne

Posted by Steve Turner on Tue, Oct 08, 2019 @ 09:15 AM

Pierre de Bourgogne - multi-coloured limestone from Burgundy

Pierre de Bourgogne, literally "Stone of Burgundy", is a name commonly given to a selection of French limestone that displays the characteristics that we have come to associate with the limestone from this region of France.

The name does not refer to stone from one particular quarry. It is a generic name that is often applied to Burgundy limestones that display a variety of colours and veining. The colour can range from off-white through cream to a deep ochre. There can also be some honey coloured veining and shell fossils running through the stone. 

Pierre de Bourgogne can be from a single quarry or it can be a mix of limestone from several different quarries.

Pierre de Bourgogne French limestone flooringChanceaux Limestone - Opus 4 pattern - antiqued finish

Photos above and below show how the limestone from Chanceaux in Burgundy gives a range of colours, shades and veining all from the same quarry.

Pierre de Bourgogne French limestone floor tiles - kitchenChanceaux Limestone - Opus 4 pattern - antiqued finish

There are many limestone quarries in Burgundy that offer variation in stone colour and characteristics from the same single quarry. Ampilly and Chamesson are two examples that I have written about in these blogs before. Massangis, well known in the UK, is another option where each layer (or "banc") in the quarry provides different colours and characteristics.

The Val de Nod limestone used as cladding on the Triton Square building in London demonstrates how the blend of colours from a single quarry can create a dramatic effect.

Triton Square - Val de Nod pierre de bourgogne
Pierre de Bourgogne limestone cladding from the single quarry of Val de Nod in Burgundy, France


Val de Nod detail - showing the different characteristics from a single quarry

From the same Val de Nod quarry, this photo shows the detail of the different colours, veining and fossil patterns that exist within the one quarry.

This particular stone is also known by the name of Bois Doré Rubané (golden ribboned wood). It's a classic example of the variation that we see in Pierre de Bourgogne.



The choice of Pierre de Bourgogne is not limited to stone from just a single quarry, we can also mix stones from different quarries. Sometimes, this allows us to create a more bespoke blend of stone where each element is specially selected for its particular characteristics. 

Pierre de Bourgogne - mixed quarries - antiqued finishAs ever, we can specify the finish and size of each element of the mix. It is also a good idea to ensure that each of the different stones are cut and finished at the same factory so that we get consistency in the sizing and thickness of the stone. This is particularly useful for flooring stone where it helps the installers to achieve a neat finish.

In this example on the right, we have taken the caramel coloured Lanvignes and mixed it with the pale Chamesson and the medium coloured Rocheville. Together, they produce a floor with great character and each of these stones can be processed in our partner factory in France. 

We can mix and match to give exactly the right blend to suit the aesthetics and functional requirements of a project whether it's for domestic or commercial environments.

We have even seen some companies that take the idea of "mix and match" a step further and use limestone from outside the region of Burgundy and yet still call it "Pierre de Bourgogne". A step too far perhaps!

At our showroom in Arborfield, we have samples from most of the quarries in Burgundy and we can lay them all out to help you create your ideal blend. 


As you will see in the photos on this page, Pierre de Bourgogne is not limited to being used as internal domestic flooring. A lot of the Burgundy stone is frost resistant (but not all) and can be used for external paving or cladding stone. It can also look fabulous as bespoke pieces. 

Pierre de Bourgogne French limestone wine sink

If you would like to see more examples of our Pierre de Bourgogne or the full range of French Limestone, please get in touch to arrange a visit to our showroom in Arborfield, near Reading, Berkshire. We love the opportunity to talk about French limestone.


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